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Matplotlib MatplotlibWidget demo

This was tested to be ~40x SLOWER than a similar pyqtgraph graph


This is a minimal-case example how to get a PyQt4 GUI (designed with QT Designer) to display a matploblit widget and update it automatically. This was tested with the WinPython 3.x distribution, but should be cross platform. Read the parent readme for full project details.

  • edit the ui_main.ui with "Qt Designer"
  • run to turn ui_main.ui into
  • run to launch the program (pulling UI from
  • if the "keep updating" box is checked and the add buttin is hit, it does more and more!


Misc notes

If you get ImportError: No module named 'matplotlibwidget', ensure you are in the same folder as which is now provided with this example.

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