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@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ that use it. I'll know more as we progress.
## Things which dont work (correct)
- Conversion between a v8 value and a GValue/GArgument is veeeery buggy (but everything needs it so most things are buggy)
- - The API is inconsistent (classes just have \_\_call_method\_\_, \_\_get_prroperty\_\_ etc
+ - The API is inconsistent (classes just have \_\_call\_method\_\_, \_\_get\_prroperty\_\_ etc
but the namespace has all methods [ gst.main(), gst.mainQuit()]
- No support for libev/libuv; glib is using its own stuff (gst.main())
- There is no good way to delete an object (memory management sucks at all)

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