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XMPP4R 0.5 (15/06/2009)
* Many bugs fixed and tests cleanups (better Ruby 1.9 support, in
* Support for reliable connections (that auto-reconnect when being
disconnected, without losing messages)
* Better notification of server disconnects
XMPP4R 0.4 (05/08/2008)
* Initial support for Ruby 1.9 (see README_ruby19.txt)
* Complete PubSub API Change - more logical and better for
childclasses, support for collection node creation
* a Helper to assist with XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities
* SASL anonymous support
* File transfer fixes
* MUC room configuration fixes
* initial support for XEP-0118 User Tune
* fix for an xmlrpc exception-during-serialisation bug, which would cause
a hang
* Support auto-gem generation on GitHub with improved and DRY'er RakeFile and
* Add support for the old SSL protocol (needed to connect to GTalk)
* Changed API for Client, Component, Connection, Stream to remove
need for antiquated 'threaded' param in the initializer.
* Use a Logger instance instead of directly writing to stdout
* Re-factored & consolidated Error classes. See xmpp4r/errors.rb for all
custom errors that can be caught. All inherit from Jabber::Error which
itself inherits from Ruby's StandardError. This is a first step in
re-factoring errors. The next step will be to convert all 'raise' calls to
raise a custom Jabber::Error or one of its children instead of anonymous
RuntimeErrors. This allows much more granularity in catching and handling
errors later.
If you were catching Jabber::ErrorException before you should probably
change that in your code to now catch Jabber::Error if you want to
catch everything or one of the custom children of Jabber::Error defined in
'lib/xmpp4r/errors.rb'. Additionally, the Error class which encapsulated
the xmpp error response, has been renamed to ErrorResponse to reflect its
real usage. This free's up 'Jabber::Error' for use as our base Error class.
XMPP4R 0.3.2 (15/10/2007)
* Serious bug involving Ruby threading fixed (caused exceptions with
ruby 1.8.6)
* vCard helper fixes
* Jabber RPC (JEP0009) support
* HTTP Binding (JEP0124) support
* Publish-Subscribe support
* XMPPElement: a framework for classes representing XML elements
* Ad-hoc commands support
* Improvements to Dataforms: XData, XDataTitle and XDataInstructions
XMPP4R 0.3.1 (23/04/2007)
* SASL fixes
* Message#x and Presence#x support element selection by namespace
* Proper XML entity escaping for REXML text nodes
* Improvements to FileTransfer::Helper and SOCKS5BytestreamsServer
* Vcard::Helper fixes
* Update Digest module usage to reflect recent Ruby versions
* More documentation
XMPP4R 0.3 (20/07/2006)
* SRV lookup capability in Client#connect
* Stringprep support for JIDs
* TLS & SASL support
* Basic Dataforms support
* Multi-User Chat Helpers
* Helpers for File-Transfer, SOCKS5 Bytestreams, In-Band Bytestreams
* Roster helper has modified subscription-request semantics (see Roster#add_subscription_request_callback)
* A lot of features have renamed namespaces (see UPDATING file)
XMPP4R 0.2 (20/10/2005)
* Workarounds for REXML bugs.
* Presences are now Comparable according to priority or interest
* fixed a serious bug in Stream#send which caused some lockups. Reported by
* Moved REXML::Element#add to REXML::Element#typed_add to keep add accessible
* Rewritten Roster helper
* Added Vcard helper and improved IqVcard
* XMLStanza id generator
* Support for Roster Item Exchange (JEP-0093 and JEP-0144)
* Client#password= to change client's account password
* Documentation fixes
XMPP4R 0.1 (12/09/2005)
* first public release.
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