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Swift Evolution - Backend

This repository contains the backend for frontend (BFF) component that supports the iOS Evolution app, a simple app to help you follow the proposals from Swift evolution on your iOS device. This BFF component is written in the Swift programming language and leverages the Kitura web framework from IBM.

Please note that this BFF component is still undergoing development; we are currently working on the deliverables for a first release. Stay tuned for updates!


Recommended utilities

Build and run

$ git clone -b develop https://github.com/unnamedd/swift-evolution-backend
$ cd swift-evolution-backend
$ swift build
$ ./.build/debug/Server

[2017-06-23T14:07:16.626-03:00] [INFO] [main.swift:11 Server] Server will be started on 'http://localhost:8080'.
[2017-06-23T14:07:16.631-03:00] [INFO] [HTTPServer.swift:104 listen(on:)] Listening on port 8080

Using your browser, you can now access the landing page of the BFF component at http://localhost:8080.

Generate Xcode Project

$ swift package generate-xcodeproj

Bluemix toolchain

This BFF component can be deployed to the IBM Cloud using a Bluemix Toolchain. Any required services will be automatically provisioned, once, during the deployment stage.

Create Toolchain



Swift Evolution - Backend is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.