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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Author: Douglas Creager <>
# This file is placed into the public domain.
# Adapted from Gist:
# Calculates the current version number. If possible, this is the
# output of “git describe”, modified to conform to the versioning
# scheme that setuptools uses. If “git describe” returns an error
# (most likely because we're in an unpacked copy of a release tarball,
# rather than in a git working copy), then we fall back on reading the
# contents of the RELEASE-VERSION file.
# To use this script, simply import it your file, and use the
# results of get_git_version() as your package version:
# from version import *
# setup(
# version=get_git_version(),
# .
# .
# .
# )
# This will automatically update the RELEASE-VERSION file, if
# necessary. Note that the RELEASE-VERSION file should *not* be
# checked into git; please add it to your top-level .gitignore file.
# You'll probably want to distribute the RELEASE-VERSION file in your
# sdist tarballs; to do this, just create a file that
# contains the following line:
__all__ = ("get_git_version")
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
def call_git_describe():
p = Popen(['git', 'describe', '--tags', '--dirty', '--always'],
stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
line = p.stdout.readlines()[0]
return line.strip()
return None
def read_release_version():
f = open("RELEASE-VERSION", "r")
version = f.readlines()[0]
return version.strip()
return None
def write_release_version(version):
f = open("RELEASE-VERSION", "w")
f.write("%s\n" % version)
def get_git_version():
# Read in the version that's currently in RELEASE-VERSION.
release_version = read_release_version()
# First try to get the current version using “git describe”.
version = call_git_describe()
#adapt to PEP 386 compatible versioning scheme
version = pep386adapt(version)
# If that doesn't work, fall back on the value that's in
if version is None:
version = release_version
# If we still don't have anything, that's an error.
if version is None:
raise ValueError("Cannot find the version number!")
# If the current version is different from what's in the
# RELEASE-VERSION file, update the file to be current.
if version != release_version:
# Finally, return the current version.
return version
def pep386adapt(version):
if version is not None and '-' in version:
# adapt git-describe version to be in line with PEP 386
# Break PEP 386 a bit here and append the Git hash
parts = version.split('-')
if len(parts) > 2:
version = '' % (
parts[0], parts[1],
return version
return version
if __name__ == "__main__":
print get_git_version()