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+# Swift Server APIs: Security Stream Meeting 5
+## Initial Agenda:
+- General discussion
+- APIs
+- Hosting, committer groups, reviewers
+- Testing
+- CI
+- Naming
+- Call for participation :-)
+If you have items you want to make sure are on the agenda, please add them below:
+## Attendees:
+- Gelareh Taban
+- Ryan Collins
+- Michael Chiu
+- Johannes Weiss
+- Gregor Milos
+- Kevin Sweeney
+- Chris Bailey
+# Minutes:
+- APIs have been shared with mailing list and feedback received
+- Pitch sent to Swift Evolution mailing list: https://lists.swift.org/pipermail/swift-evolution/Week-of-Mon-20170403/035139.html
+- ACTION: Gelareh to work with Luke for more security reviews of code
+- ACTION: Gregor to send email to Norman Maurer and get feedback on API design and how streams can be used with OpenSSL
+- Project repo: https://github.com/swift-server/security
+- ACTION: Chris Bailey to set up Teams: admin, committer (DONE)
+- Testing options:
+ - Separate test project with TLS + socket
+ - Or bare bone socket library within Test of the TLS library
+ - → We will go ahead with the minimal socket library within TLS project whilst the server group’s socket library has not yet been implemented.
+ - Michael Chiu is providing his socket library https://github.com/michael-yuji/CKit
+- Goal is to use Swift CI. TBD: plugins for orgs and build setup etc.
+ - ACTION: Chris to work with Mishal Shah to figure out how this can be set up
+ - Short term: Not have CI/CD pipeline. Lots of local testing for reviewers and mergers.
+- Naming: TLSService, TLSEngine, TLSTransport, TLSOverlay, TLS?
+- Call for Contributor or reviewers
+- Send regular updates to mailing list as we start implementing