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Three.js and Cannon.js sandbox
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⚠️ Not in active development

Simple web based game engine built on three.js and cannon.js focused on third-person character controls and related gameplay mechanics.

Mostly a playground for exploring how conventional third person gameplay mechanics found in modern games work and recreating them in a general way.


  • World
    • Three.js scene
    • Cannon.js physics
    • Variable timescale
    • Frame skipping
    • FXAA anti-aliasing
  • Characters
    • Third-person camera
    • Raycast character controller with capsule collisions
    • General state system
    • Character AI
  • Vehicles
    • Cars
    • Airplanes
    • Helicopters

All planned features can be found in the GitHub Projects.


Check out the Sketch template project to learn about using Sketchbook.


  1. Get latest Node.js
  2. Fork this repository
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run npm run dev
  5. Make changes and test them out at http://localhost:8080
  6. Run npm run build
  7. Commit and make a pull request!
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