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Welcome to Swift JSON Editor

Thank you for downloading the application from Apple AppStore. Swift JSON Editor is advanced JSON Tree developer tool.

Developer Tool

Swift JSON Editor is a developer tool that manages JSON Trees in a project format. Application offers advanced features that should help any mobile or web developer with common tasks such:

  • Creating testing JSON structures.
  • Generating Fake data.
  • Modifying existing JSON structure using value transformers.
  • Accessing JSON via embedded HTTP server with live data.

Do not misunderstood Swift JSON editor for a JSON text editor. If you need to edit thousands of JSON text, plain text edit application is more suitable.


Some of most features features that you can use in development.

Project Structure

  • Save and handle several JSON trees in a project format. Use Folders to group your project models.
  • Import JSON text files from disk, or JSON formatted text from clipboard to create Project Models.
  • Save your most used trees back to iCloud in form of a Private Library (Pro version)

Smart Objects

  • Smart Object & Smart Array maintains key name, key order during editing. No need for renaming or rearranging, all happens in synch.
  • Deleting, Adding renaming child nodes is reflected in all shared copies.
  • Smart Objects child nodes String, Number, Bool uses Value Transformers. Value Transformers are shared between all instances of Smart Object children.

Duplicate Smart Objects or Smart Arrays to create copies of same identity.

Value Transformers

Any SmartArray, String, Number or Boolean JSON node can receive any number of Value Transformers to temporary override or generate JSON values. Value Transformers cache in general the generated / transformed values. You can optionally opt for Disable Cache values

  • Use preferably together with Smart Objects to share value transformer instance between all copies.
  • Smart Array will generate values for all its array elements.

Create your own value transformer coding simple javascript class. Get Pro version to unlock included value transformers.

HTTP Server

Any project model is accessible via http in web browser or http call. Assign Project Node Identifier to identify project node via scripts and customize url address.


During the development you can use JSON path as a filtering option in UI to select tree objects. Also JSON path can be used inside javascript value transformers.

Quick Look

Quick looks is a quick preview of value in JSON tree. Quick look will preview:

  • Http pages
  • Links to images
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