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This README applies to anyone who checks out the source from git.

If you're reading this page on, and you don't have git
installed or know about git, you can download this repository by
using the "download" button on, right above the file


The git repository is structured in the expected way where "master" is the
main branch you should use if you want to have bleeding-edge updates. Any
other branch should be ignored since it will likely contain unstable
and/or experimental developments.

Generally speaking you should feel safe using the "master" branch in
production code. Anything likely to break will be committed to another
branch. Only bugfixes and clean non-breaking feature additions will be
performed in master.

All releases (post version 4.0.0) are tagged using the version number of
that release. Earlier versions exist in a subversion repository at the
old sourceforge project page.


Swift Mailer is a component based mailing solution for PHP 5.
It is released under the LGPL license.

Mailing List:

Swift Mailer is highly object-oriented by design and lends itself
to use in complex web application with a great deal of flexibility.

For full details on usage, see the documentation.

IMPORTANT: Users upgrading from version 3.x or earlier absolutely
           MUST read the documentation. In short, the API is considerably
           different so your old code won't "just work".


If you'd like to make a donation, we are working on a system where
donations are taken on a per-feature-request basis via the website
with target amounts for each feature. In the meantime however you
may donate directly to the author via PayPal:


Donations are certainly voluntary, but seriously, you donors are
complete legends and drive this project! :)

As you can probably see, there are a lot more files in here than you find in
the pre-packaged versions. That's because I store notes (UML, RFCs etc) in
the repository.

The main library files live in /lib and the tests live in /tests. You can run
the tests by pointing your web browser at /test-suite, or by running the
command "php test-suite/run.php". Some tests will be "skipped" if
tests/smoke.conf.php and tests/acceptance.conf.php are not editted. This is
harmless and normal.

If you want to create a bundled-up package from subversion you can do so if
you have Ant ( installed. Simply run "ant package"
from this directory and the tar.gz file will be created in the /build

Running the command "ant" with no arguments will bundle up the package without
compressing it into a tar.gz file.

Tests can also be run using "ant test" provided php is on your PATH
environment variable.

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