Example application for the Swiftype Android library
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This example app shows how easy it is to get started with SwiftypeAndroid to add Swiftype-powered search to your Android application.

To run the sample application:

  1. Check out the code.
  2. Check out the SwiftypeAndroid git submodule.

    git submodule init git submodule update

  3. Start the Android Studio and open the SwiftypeAndroidExample/SwiftypeAndroidExample project.

  4. Add SwiftypeAndroidExample/SwiftypeAndroid as a module.
  5. Go to File -> Project Structure. Click SwiftypeAndroid -> Dependencies. Select "Export" on all Android Support libraries and apply the new settings. You should now be able to compile the project.
  6. Edit the SwiftypeAndroidExample/res/values/swiftype_config.xml file:

    1. Set your Engine Key in the engine_key parameter
    2. Update the search_content_provider_authority to be unique for your application.
    3. Set the document_types parameter value to @array/crawler_based if using a crawler-based engine or @array/wordpress if using a WordPress plugin-based engine.

    NOTE: If you make changes to the swiftype_config.xml file after the first run, make sure to increment the database_version.

  7. Click the Run button to launch the emulator.

Don't have a crawler-based or WordPress-based search engine yet? Go to swiftype.com, sign up if you haven't yet, and create a new engine.


This code is MIT licensed. See LICENSE.txt for details.