iOS library for Swiftype search and suggest.
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Elastic Site Search Logo

A first-party iOS library to add Elastic Site Search to iOS applications.


Getting started 🐣

  1. Get the code (git clone and copy the top-level SwiftypeTouch directory to the directory that contains YourProject.xcodeproj (or use a git submodule).
  2. Add SwiftypeTouch/SwiftypeTouch.xcodeproj to your Xcode project.
    • This can be done by dragging and dropping SwiftypeTouch.xcodeproj into the project browser from Finder.
  3. In YourProject.xcodeproj Build Settings add to your HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS the following: $(SRCROOT)/SwiftypeTouch/.
  4. Add -ObjC and -all_load to your project's OTHER_LDFLAGS.
  5. Now make sure to link libSwiftypeTouch.a with your target. Under your Target settings go to Build Phases. Expand "Link Binary With Libraries" hit the "+" button and select libSwiftypeTouch.a from the dialog.
  6. Add SwiftypeTouch to the "Target Dependencies" list.

You are now ready to use SwiftypeTouch in your project.

Note: This client has been developed for the Swiftype Site Search API endpoints only. You may refer to the Swiftype Site Search API Documentation for additional context.


If your Swiftype search engine was created with the Swiftype crawler, you can follow these steps to quickly add search that displays results in a table view. Results will load in a webview when selected.

  1. First, makes sure you've followed the steps above.
  2. Add #import <SwiftypeTouch/STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject.h> to the view controller implementation that will place the search bar on the screen.
  3. Create a private property for STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject called resultObject in your view controller:
        @property (nonatomic, strong) STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject *resultObject;
  1. In the view controller's viewDidLoad add the following code to get the search bar to appear:
        self.resultObject = [[STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject alloc] initWithViewController:self clientEngineKey:@"yourEngineKey"];
        [self.view addSubview:self.resultObject.searchBar];

To see an example of this, view the source of the SwiftypeTouchExample application.


Where do I report issues with the client?

If something is not working as expected, please open an issue.

Where can I learn more about Site Search?

Your best bet is to read the documentation.

Where else can I go to get help?

You can checkout the Elastic Site Search community discuss forums.

Contribute 🚀

We welcome contributors to the project. Before you begin, a couple notes...

License 📗

MIT © Elastic

Thank you to all the contributors!