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Note: The URL field must be absolute for the web view to work as-is.


SwiftypeTouch is a library that makes it easy to add Swiftype-powered search to your iOS application.

Installing SwiftypeTouch

  1. Get the code (git clone and copy the top-level SwiftypeTouch directory to the directory that contains YourProject.xcodeproj (or use a git submodule).
  2. Add SwiftypeTouch/SwiftypeTouch.xcodeproj to your Xcode project.
    • This can be done by dragging and dropping SwiftypeTouch.xcodeproj into the project browser from Finder.
  3. In YourProject.xcodeproj Build Settings add to your HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS the following: $(SRCROOT)/SwiftypeTouch/.
  4. Add -ObjC and -all_load to your project's OTHER_LDFLAGS.
  5. Now make sure to link libSwiftypeTouch.a with your target. Under your Target settings go to Build Phases. Expand "Link Binary With Libraries" hit the "+" button and select libSwiftypeTouch.a from the dialog.
  6. Add SwiftypeTouch to the "Target Dependencies" list.

You are now ready to use SwiftypeTouch in your project.

Quick start for crawler-based engines

If your Swiftype search engine was created with the Swiftype crawler, you can follow these steps to quickly add search that displays results in a table view. Results will load in a webview when selected.

  1. First, makes sure you've followed the steps above.

  2. Add #import <SwiftypeTouch/STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject.h> to the view controller implementation that will place the search bar on the screen.

  3. Create a private property for STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject called resultObject in your view controller:

     @property (nonatomic, strong) STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject *resultObject;
  4. In the view controller's viewDidLoad add the following code to get the search bar to appear:

     self.resultObject = [[STPageDocumentTypeResultsObject alloc] initWithViewController:self clientEngineKey:@"yourEngineKey"];
     [self.view addSubview:self.resultObject.searchBar];

To see an example of this, view the source of the SwiftypeTouchExample application.


This code is made available under the MIT License. Seee LICENSE.txt for details.