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A first-party Ruby client for building excellent, relevant search experiences with Elastic App Search.


Getting started 🐣

To install the gem, execute:

gem install swiftype-app-search

Or place gem 'swiftype-app-search', '~> 0.5.0' in your Gemfile and run bundle install.


Setup: Configuring the client and authentication

Create a new instance of the Swiftype App Search Client. This requires your [HOST_IDENTIFIER], which identifies the unique hostname of the Swiftype API that is associated with your Swiftype account. It also requires a valid [API_KEY], which authenticates requests to the API. You can use any key type with the client, however each has a different scope. For more information on keys, check out the documentation.

You can find your [API_KEY] and your [HOST_IDENTIFIER] within the Credentials menu:

client = SwiftypeAppSearch::Client.new(:host_identifier => 'host-c5s2mj', :api_key => 'private-mu75psc5egt9ppzuycnc2mc3')

Using with App Search Managed Deploys

The client can be configured to use a managed deploy by using the api_endpoint parameter. Since managed deploys do not rely on a [HOST_IDENTIFIER] , it can be omitted.

client = SwiftypeAppSearch::Client.new(:api_key => 'private-mu75psc5egt9ppzuycnc2mc3', :api_endpoint => 'http://localhost:3002/api/as/v1/')

API Methods

This client is a thin interface to the Swiftype App Search Api. Additional details for requests and responses can be found in the documentation.

Indexing: Creating or Updating a Single Document

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'
document = {
  :id => 'INscMGmhmX4',
  :url => 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INscMGmhmX4',
  :title => 'The Original Grumpy Cat',
  :body => 'A wonderful video of a magnificent cat.'

client.index_document(engine_name, document)

Indexing: Creating or Replacing Documents

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'
documents = [
    :id => 'INscMGmhmX4',
    :url => 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INscMGmhmX4',
    :title => 'The Original Grumpy Cat',
    :body => 'A wonderful video of a magnificent cat.'
    :id => 'JNDFojsd02',
    :url => 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ',
    :title => 'Another Grumpy Cat',
    :body => 'A great video of another cool cat.'

client.index_documents(engine_name, documents)

Indexing: Updating Documents (Partial Updates)

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'
documents = [
    :id => 'INscMGmhmX4',
    :title => 'Updated title'

client.update_documents(engine_name, documents)

Retrieving Documents

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'
document_ids = ['INscMGmhmX4', 'JNDFojsd02']

client.get_documents(engine_name, document_ids)

Listing Documents

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'


Destroying Documents

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'
document_ids = ['INscMGmhmX4', 'JNDFojsd02']

client.destroy_documents(engine_name, document_ids)

Listing Engines


Retrieving Engines

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'


Creating Engines

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'


Destroying Engines

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'



engine_name = 'favorite-videos'
query = 'cat'
search_fields = { :title => {} }
result_fields = { :title => { :raw => {} } }
options = { :search_fields => search_fields, :result_fields => result_fields }

client.search(engine_name, query, options)


engine_name = 'favorite-videos'

queries = [{
  :query => 'cat',
  :options => { :search_fields => { :title => {} }}
  :query => 'dog',
  :options => { :search_fields => { :body => {} }}

client.multi_search(engine_name, queries)

Query Suggestion

engine_name = 'favorite-videos'

options = {
  :size => 3,
  :types => {
    :documents => {
      :fields => ['title']

client.query_suggestion(engine_name, 'cat', options)

Running Tests

export AS_API_KEY="[API_KEY]"
bundle exec rspec

You can also run tests against a local environment by passing a AS_API_ENDPOINT environment variable

export AS_API_KEY="[API_KEY]"
export AS_API_ENDPOINT="http://[HOST_IDENTIFIER].api."
bundle exec rspec

Debugging API calls

If you need to debug an API call made by the client, there are a few things you could do:

  1. Setting AS_DEBUG environment variable to true would enable HTTP-level debugging and you would see all requests generated by the client on your console.

  2. You could use our API logs feature in App Search console to see your requests and responses live.

  3. In your debug logs you could find a X-Request-Id header value. That could be used when talking to Swiftype Customer Support to help us quickly find your API request and help you troubleshoot your issues.


Where do I report issues with the client?

If something is not working as expected, please open an issue.

Where can I learn more about App Search?

Your best bet is to read the documentation.

Where else can I go to get help?

You can checkout the Elastic App Search community discuss forums.

Contribute 🚀

We welcome contributors to the project. Before you begin, a couple notes...

License 📗

MIT © Elastic

Thank you to all the contributors!