Simple library for interfacing with the Strawpoll (original). You can create Strawpolls as well as view Strawpoll statistics.
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Example Application

StrawpollNET - .NET Strawpoll Library for Creating and Accessing Strawpolls

NuGet Pre Release


This is a simple library designed to allow for the creation and accessing of Strawpolls in a really simple fashion. Synchronous and asynchrnous calls are available and all poll details (including vote counts) are returned when creating a new poll or fetching an existing poll.

Sample Implementations

Create Strawpoll

// Establish the poll settins
string pollTitle = "Which of these are great movies? You can vote on multiple!";
List<string> allOptions = new List<string>() { "Shrek", "Ants", "A Bug's Life", "Lion King" };
bool multipleChoice = true;
StrawpollNET.Enums.DupCheck dupCheck = StrawpollNET.Enums.DupCheck.Normal;
bool requireCaptcha = true;

// Create the poll
StrawpollNET.Models.CreatedPoll newPoll = new StrawPollNET.API.Create.CreatePoll(pollTitle, allOptions, multipleChoice, dupCheck, requireCaptcha);

// Show poll link
Console.WriteLine($"Go vote at my new poll, available here: {newPoll.PollUrl}");


Go vote at my new poll, available here:

Fetch a Strawpoll

// Get the very first Strawpoll ever made
int pollId = 1;
StrawpollNET.Models.FetchedPoll fetchedPoll = Strawpoll.API.Get.GetPoll(pollId);

// Show results
Console.WriteLine("The current results are:");
foreach(KeyValuePair<string, int> result in fetchedPoll.Results)
    Console.WriteLine($"-{result.Key}: {result.Value} votes");


The current results are:
-Shrek: 1 votes
-Ants: 0 votes
-A Bug's Life: 0 votes
-Lion King: 0 votes


Available via Nuget: Install-Package StrawPollNET

Examples and Implementations

  • StrawpollNET Example Application - This project is included in this repo as a master example project.

Libraries Utilized

  • Newtonsoft.Json - JSON parsing class. Used to parse responses from Strawpoll API



MIT License. © 2016 Cole