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Add C# license header changes for StyleCop to changes file

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commit 2b71c99feb387f6b89784155020af050f6a3096e 1 parent e5b98d8
@wsfulton wsfulton authored
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4 CHANGES.current
@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ Version 3.0.3 (in progress)
2014-08-04: wsfulton
+ [C#] Merge patch #200 from gpetrou - Changed CSharp license header to include auto-generated
+ tag so that StyleCop ignores the files.
+2014-08-04: wsfulton
[Java] Merge patch #198 from Yuval Kashtan - Support for java.nio.ByteBuffer mapping to
unsigned char * in various.i in NIOBUFFER typemaps.
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