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Fully clean Go test-suite

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1 parent 46ce4d3 commit 32212d5cc08d312f15e5f6d102610752b86e3f3c @kwwette kwwette committed May 28, 2014
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3 Examples/test-suite/go/
@@ -100,11 +100,12 @@ run_multi_testcase = \
@rm -f $*.go $*_gc.c $*_wrap.* $*_runme
- $(MAKE) -f $(top_builddir)/$(EXAMPLES)/Makefile go_clean
+ $(MAKE) -f $(top_builddir)/$(EXAMPLES)/Makefile SRCDIR="$(SRCDIR)" go_clean
rm -f mod_a.go mod_b.go imports_a.go imports_b.go
rm -f clientdata_prop_a.go clientdata_prop_b.go
rm -f multi_import_a.go multi_import_b.go
rm -f packageoption_a.go packageoption_b.go packageoption_c.go
+ rm -f import_stl_a.go import_stl_b.go
@echo '*_gc.c *_wrap.* *.so *.dll *.exp *.lib'

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