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Add summary about nested class support added over the last few months

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wsfulton committed Feb 26, 2014
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2014-02-15: wsfulton
[Java] Add support for the cdata library.
+2014-02-08: vkalinin
+ Nested class support added. This primarily allows SWIG to properly parse nested
+ classes and keep the nested class information in the parse tree. Java and C#
+ have utilised this information wrapping the C++ nested classes as Java/C#
+ nested classes. The remaining target languages ignore nested classes as in
+ previous versions. Help is needed by users of these remaining languages to
+ design how C++ nested classes can be best wrapped. Please talk to us on the
+ swig-devel mailing list if you think you can help.
+ Previously, there was limited nested class support. Nested classes were treated
+ as opaque pointers. However, the "nestedworkaround" feature provided a way to
+ wrap a nested class as if it was a global class. This feature no longer exists
+ and is replaced by the new "flatnested" feature. This effectively does the same
+ thing with less manual code to be written. Please see the 'Nested classes'
+ section in the documentation in SWIGPlus.html if you were previously using this
+ feature.
+ SWIG now parses the contents of nested classes where previously it did not. You
+ may find that you will need to make adjustments to your interface file as
+ effectively extra code is being wrapped.
2014-02-06: gjanssens
[Guile] Patch #133. Make scm to string conversion work with non-ascii strings.
Guile 2 has a completely rewritten string implementation. SWIG made some assumptions

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