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3 comments on commit 894de07

SWIG member

@wsfulton: We seem to have 39 guile .scm files in git and none of the others are executable - if this one needs to be for some reason, I suspect more of them should be.

git ls-files '*/guile/*.scm'|xargs ls -l
SWIG member

A file with a hash bang in it needs to be executable, hence the change. The tests don't need hash bangs in them as we control precisely which interpreter is required to execute it from the makefiles. However, in this test case there is a big comment about the weird hash bang and so instead of removing the hash bang I left it in as possibly being useful. I see this as an exception as adding them into all test scripts is not helpful and I'd prefer an absence of them to keep things consistent (with this one exception).

SWIG member

Ah, I'd missed that this script was special like this. Makes sense. Thanks for explaining.

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