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Correct guile help for -Linkage.

-linkage does not work (it clashes with the generic -l option).
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1 parent d15220c commit ec1d5a5be1c7cdaaa8dedc3ba76a5792127cef0f @wsfulton wsfulton committed
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2 Source/Modules/guile.cxx
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ Guile Options (available with -guile)\n\
-exportprimitive - Add the (export ...) code from scmstub into the\n\
GOOPS file.\n\
-goopsprefix <prefix> - Prepend <prefix> to all goops identifiers\n\
- -linkage <lstyle> - Use linkage protocol <lstyle> (default `simple')\n\
+ -Linkage <lstyle> - Use linkage protocol <lstyle> (default `simple')\n\
Use `module' for native Guile module linking\n\
(requires Guile >= 1.5.0). Use `passive' for\n\
passive linking (no C-level module-handling code),\n\

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