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Fix function naming conflict with class overloads.

This fix takes into account the classname while generating overload


If you have two classes:

  class A {
      void doSomething(int);
      void doSomething(double);

  class B {
      void doSomething(int);
      void doSomething(double);

Before this patch, the overload handlers for A::doSomething and
B::doSomething create conflicting names and function redefinition errors
are caused.

After the patch, the overload handlers are named classname_doSomething
and no longer conflict.

This is might not the best way to implement this, but it
solves a critical problem on large projects, and specifically can affect
operator overloads that are being wrapped.
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1 parent ef4cb2f commit fa36b6228e760e19928a9cccff71114ea46f932b @lefticus lefticus committed with oliver---- May 31, 2014
Showing with 12 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +12 −3 Source/Modules/javascript.cxx
@@ -1231,18 +1231,27 @@ int JSEmitter::emitFunctionDispatcher(Node *n, bool /*is_member */ ) {
// substract the extension "sym:overname",
String *wrap_name = NewString(Getattr(n, "wrap:name"));
String *overname = Getattr(n, "sym:overname");
+ Node *methodclass = Swig_methodclass(n);
+ String *class_name = Getattr(methodclass, "sym:name");
int l1 = Len(wrap_name);
int l2 = Len(overname);
Delslice(wrap_name, l1 - l2, l1);
- Setattr(n, "wrap:name", wrap_name);
- state.function(WRAPPER_NAME, wrap_name);
+ String *new_string = NewStringf("%s_%s", class_name, wrap_name);
+ String *final_wrap_name = Swig_name_wrapper(new_string);
+ Setattr(n, "wrap:name", final_wrap_name);
+ state.function(WRAPPER_NAME, final_wrap_name);
t_function.replace("$jslocals", wrapper->locals)
.replace("$jscode", wrapper->code);
// call this here, to replace all variables
- t_function.replace("$jswrapper", wrap_name)
+ t_function.replace("$jswrapper", final_wrap_name)
.replace("$jsname", state.function(NAME))

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