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My project for making a 5by5 soundboard.
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Viewable in action at

I love the shows on the 5by5 podcasting network, and felt that some of the sillier things that were said bore repeating. I also wanted to get more familiar with CoffeeScript and Backbone.js.

Hence, Soundbord. It's a pretty simple app. On the server it's a basic Sinatra app serving up a single html page. The front-end uses HTML 5 Boilerplate, and the jplayer jQuery plugin to actually play the audio. Jplayer is great because you don't have to know much about HTML audio to use it.

I downloaded all the shows manually and extracted clips with Audacity.

I'm open to requests for additional soundbites. If you have one, open an issue here, and pretty please add a timestamp and show number, so that I don't have to sift through hours of podcasts.

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