Simple CSV/TSV text editor
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This is version 0.7.0 of gCSVedit.

gCSVedit is a simple CSV/TSV text editor.

See the announcement.

Currently, the main features of gCSVedit are:

  • Columns alignment.
  • File loading and saving (the virtual spaces added for the alignment are removed when saving the file).
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Draw spaces and tabs (only those present in the file).
  • Header support: specify on which line the column titles are located, so that the header is not taken into account for the alignment.

Any kind of delimiter-separated values (DSV) files are supported, not just comma-separated values (CSV) files. The application is called gCSVedit, because “CSV” is commonly used to also refer to TSV (tab-separated values) or DSV in general.

gCSVedit is a Free/Libre software, it is licensed under the GPLv3+, see the COPYING file for more information.

gCSVedit is hosted on GitHub.

About versions

gCSVedit follows the GNOME versioning scheme. That is, the package version has the form 'major.minor.micro' with an even minor version for stable releases, and an odd minor version for unstable/development releases. For example the 0.4.x versions are stable and the 0.5.x versions are alpha/beta/rc versions.


  • GLib >= 2.44
  • GTK+ >= 3.22
  • GtkSourceView >= 3.99.6
  • Tepl >= 3.99.0


If you want to install from a tarball, take the *.tar.xz tarball, not the tarballs generated automatically by GitHub.

Simple install procedure from a tarball:

$ ./configure
$ make
[ Become root if necessary ]
$ make install

See the INSTALL file for more detailed information.

From the Git repository, the configure script and the INSTALL file are not yet generated, so you need to run instead, which takes the same arguments as configure.

Developer documentation

See the HACKING file.