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Swim Core TypeScript Implementation



Install build dependencies:

swim-core-js $ npm install

Build script

Use the bin/build.js script to build the Swim TypeScript Core. The build script supports compile, test, doc, and watch commands, described below. All build script commands take an optional --projects (-p) option to restrict the build to a comma-separated list of projects.

Each project supports multiple output targets; typical targets for a project include main, to build the main sources, and test, to build the test sources. A specific target can be built for a project by appending a colon (:) and the target name to the project name. For example, to build just the main sources of the util project, pass -p util:main to the build script.

Most build commands take a --devel (-d) option to expedite development builds by skipping the minification step.

Run bin/build.js help to see a complete list of build commands. Run bin/build.js <command> --help to see a list of options supported by a particular build command.

Compiling sources

Use the compile build script command to compile, bundle, and minify TypeScript sources into JavaScript universal module definitions, output to the dist subdirectory of each project. To compile all targets, of all projects, run:

swim-core-js $ bin/build.js compile

To compile a subset of projects and targets, include a --projects (-p) option, with a comma-separated list of $project:($target)? specifiers. For example, to build the main target of the codec project, and all targets of the recon project, run:

swim-core-js $ bin/build.js compile -p codec:main,recon

Running tests

Use the test build script command to compile and run unit tests. For example, to compile and test the uri project, run:

swim-core-js $ bin/build.js test -p uri

Continuous development builds

Use the watch build script command to automatically rebuild projects when dependent source files change. For example, to continuously recompile the main target of the recon project when any source file in the project–or in one of the project's transitive local dependencies–changes, run:

swim-core-js $ bin/build.js watch -p recon:main

Pass the --devel (-d) option to expedite recompilation by skipping the minification step. Add the --test (-t) option to automatically run unit tests after each successful compilation. For example, to continuosly compile and test the recon project, bypassing minification, and skipping generation of the main script, run:

swim-core-js $ bin/build.js watch -p recon:test -d -t
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