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Tutorials to help you build your first Swim app
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Swim Tutorial

Swim is a completely integrated solution for building scalable, end-to-end streaming applications. Instead of requiring separate message brokers, app servers, and databases, Swim applications consist of just two pieces:

  • A Swim server with built-in persistence, messaging, scheduling, clustering, replication, introspection, and security

  • A user interface that uses Swim's streaming UI frameworks to visualize data from Swim servers in real-time


  • Install JDK 9+.

    • Ensure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is pointed to your Java installation location.
    • Ensure that your PATH includes $JAVA_HOME.
  • From a console pointed to the server directory, run ./gradlew run (.\gradlew.bat run on Windows) to run the Swim server.

  • Then, open ui/index.html in your browser to see the UI.

How It Works

Visit server to learn how to stand up your data in a Swim server.

Then, visit ui to learn to visualize this data like never before.

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