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Swipely App loader

A simple loading animation for Single Page Application

How to use

Simply install these files ( you should modify them to suit your design ). And when your Single Page Application is ready to show, you should add the hide class to the .app_loader element. This will trigger the hiding animation and the .app_loader element is safe to remove 2 seconds later.


There is a slowness and erroneus treatment. By default the loader will update the .feedback element with a slowness text after 10 seconds. It will update the .feedback element with a erroneus text after 20 seconds.

To customize the texts and timeouts, give a configuration object to the constructor like so:

new Swipely.AppLoader({
  slowTimeout:  4000, // 4 sec
  errorTimeout: 1000, // 10 sec
  slowText:     "Wow! It's taking way longer than expected",
  errorText:    "Sorry, but it's not working - try a refresh"
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