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@@ -252,6 +252,8 @@ <h3 id="items">options.items</h3>
<p>Events to register on &lt;input&gt; elements</p>
<p>Only used with <a href="#items-type">types</a> <em>"text"</em>, <em>"textarea"</em>, <em>"radio"</em>, <em>"checkbox"</em> and <em>"select"</em>.</p>
<p>Example: { command1: {name: "Foobar", type: "text", events: {keyup: function(e){alert(e.keyCode);}} }}</p>
+ <p>The contents of the options object are passed to jQuery</p>
+ <p>Example: { command1: {name: "Foobar", type: "text", events: {keyup: function(e){alert($trigger.attr("id"));}} }}</p>
<dt id="items-value"><em>(string)</em> value</dt>

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