submenu can't automatically adjust width #18

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bbjj702 commented Dec 22, 2011

When submenu width is larger then min-width, submenu can't automatically adjust width.


rodneyrehm commented Dec 22, 2011

Fun problem… I have no clue why this is happening. Since my tests failed, I posted a question on StackOverflow.


rodneyrehm commented Dec 24, 2011

I guess I'll have to temporarily make the menu and sub-menus position:static to calculate the widths of the sub-menus. Sort of sucks, but is the simplest solution I could think up. Anyone has a different solution in mind?

@rodneyrehm rodneyrehm added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 25, 2011

@rodneyrehm rodneyrehm Fixing Issue #18 - sub-menus wouldn't adjust their width according to…
… min-width and min-height.

rodneyrehm commented Dec 25, 2011

Fixed in version 1.5.2

rodneyrehm closed this Dec 25, 2011

@baohx2000 baohx2000 pushed a commit to Contatta/jQuery-contextMenu that referenced this issue Jun 18, 2012

@rodneyrehm rodneyrehm Fixing Issue #18 - sub-menus wouldn't adjust their width according to…
… min-width and min-height.

AAverin commented Dec 4, 2012

Funny thing.
I've just updated contextMenu in the project, and got a strange issue with root menu trying to increase it's width, resulting in graphical corruptions.
Search lead to this case.
If I got the code right, you recalculate width of menus and force it via css width property?
The problem here is that submenu at the moment of calcaulation isn't yet properly positioned with the root menu, so when you call

opt.$menu.find('ul').andSelf().css({position: 'static', display: 'block'})

you make all menus (root and all sub's) visible at once, and calculated width results in a summ of all widths of submenus. In my case it resulted in a bug.
Maybe this visiblity change should be moved into the 'each' section?
Here is what I have now:

var $this = $(this);
$this.css({position: 'static', display: 'block'});
$this.width($this.css('position', 'absolute').width())
.css('position', 'static');
}).css({position: '', display: ''});

Not sure if it's correct and fixes a current issue also, because for some reason I find it difficult to fully understand this part of code and why do we really need to recalculate the width.


rodneyrehm commented Dec 4, 2012

Please use this JSBin Template to provide a test case allowing me to reproduce your problem

AAverin commented Dec 5, 2012

Done. Adding a custom icon for the arrow results in placement of that icon at 'min-width', but after that menu root mistically enlarges itself to the size that's more then min-width.


rodneyrehm commented Dec 5, 2012

Your arrow-image would be at the right side if you used background-position: 100% 2px;. Also, you should probably remove the following rule from contextMenu.css:

.context-menu-submenu:after {
    content: ">";
    color: #666;
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    right: 3px;
    z-index: 1;

aside from that I've fixed the problem locally. It will be included in the next release (around Christmas)

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