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Chrome extension - Now You (Don't) See Me

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Sometimes I don't feel comfortable letting people see the content I am currently browsing when they passing by. Whenever you want to hide all of your tabs,this Chrome extension will help you to close all the tabs, save them into a temporary bookmark folder, and restore them later with one button.

Functionality & MVP

With this extension, users will be able to:

  • Hide ( & bookmark) all the tabs with one click.
  • Restore ( & remove the temporary bookmarks) all the tabs with one click.
  • Use Hotkey to hide & restore.
  • Open your preset homepage when hiding all the tabs.
  • Use password to restore the tabs.



Technologies & Technical Challenges

This extension will be implemented using the standard Chrome extension technology: Javascript, with chrome API. In addition to the manifest.json and package.json files, there will be two scripts:

  • background.js: will contain the logic hiding and restoring all the tabs.
  • options.js: will contain the logic for changing the user's settings

There will also be one HTML file to display the settings:

  • options.html: the file that renders the Settings menu for the user

The primary technical challenges will be:

  • Accessing the tabs,
  • Creating temporary bookmarks,
  • Opening up homepage,
  • Building modal ( or html page) for preset homepage.

Implementation Timeline

Day 1: Get started on the infrastructure of the extension, following this guide from Chrome. By the end of the day, I will have:

  • A completed package.json
  • A completed manifest.json
  • The ability to locate tabs.

Day 2: Work on deleting/creating tabs, and creating/deleting bookmarks. By the end of the day, I will have:

  • The ability create and delete tabs and bookmarks.

Day 3: Create option page for user to setup password when restoring tabs, and setup custom page(s) when hiding tabs. By the end of the day:

  • Have all the custom settings for options.html.

Day 4: Double check all the functionalities and publish it to web app store. By the end of the day:

  • Fully implemented extension.
  • Publish to Google web app store.

** Bonus features

  • Add Filter list for user not to open up specific pages.
  • Add password protection.
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