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Coin Rush

[Live site][coin-rush] [coin-rush]:


Paper Mario is back! Mario has 30 seconds to collect as many coins as possible. Lakitu would throw out hundreds of coins during the 30 second period, as well as some poison mushrooms! The general rule is to collect coins and avoid poison mushrooms, which would paralyze you for 2 seconds. Every 100 coins would give you extra 5 seconds! The game will end when times up.

Disclaimer: This project is for demonstration only. If you really want to play Mario, please do it on a console. The graphics, sounds, and original design of Super Mario Bros. are all owned by Nintendo.

Functionality & MVP

Users will be able to:

  • Start, pause, and restart the game.
  • Mario would move right, left, or jump.
  • Collect coins.
  • Avoid the poison mushrooms.

Start Screen


Pause/Restart Screen


Architecture and Technologies

This project will be implemented with the following technologies:

  • Vanilla JavaScript and jquery for overall structure and game logic,
  • HTML5 Canvas for DOM manipulation and rendering.

In addition to the webpack entry file, there will be three scripts involved in this project:

coin_rush.js: this script will handle the logic for creating and updating the necessary background elements and rendering them to the DOM.

moving_object.js: this script will handle the logic of the behavior of any moving objects on the screen.

mario.js: this script will handle the logic of the behavior of Mario. i.e., move left, move right, jump, get a coin, eat a mushroom ...etc.

lakitu.js: this script will handle the logic of the behavior of Lakitu.

coin.js: extends moving_object.js.

poison_mushroom.js: extends moving_object.js.

Entry point snippets

  const Game = require("./game");
  const GameView = require("./game_view");

  document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){
    const canvasEl = document.getElementsByTagName("canvas")[0];
    canvasEl.width = Game.DIM_X;
    canvasEl.height = Game.DIM_Y;
    const ctx = canvasEl.getContext("2d");
    const game = new Game();
    let gameView = new GameView(game, ctx);

MovingObject snippets


  isCollidedWith(otherObject) {
    let newPos = [this.pos[0] + this.radius, this.pos[1] + this.radius];
    let otherPos = [otherObject.pos[0] + otherObject.radius, otherObject.pos[1] + otherObject.radius];
    const centerDist = Util.dist(newPos, otherPos);
    return centerDist < (this.radius + otherObject.radius);

  move(timeDelta) {
    const velocityScale = timeDelta / NORMAL_FRAME_TIME_DELTA,
        offsetX = this.vel[0] * velocityScale,
        offsetY = this.vel[1] * velocityScale;

    this.pos = [this.pos[0] + offsetX, this.pos[1] + offsetY];
    if ( {
      if (this.isWrappable) {
        this.pos =;
      } else {
        this.vel[0] = -this.vel[0];


Implementation Timeline

Day 1: Setup all necessary Node modules, including getting webpack up and running. Create webpack.config.js as well as package.json. Write a basic entry file and the bare bones of all scripts outlined above. Do some researches how to create animation with sprites. Goals for the day:

  • Get a green bundle with webpack
  • Learn enough animation with sprites and render an object to the Canvas element

Day 2: Create moving_object object and its logic. Extend poison_mushroom, coin, and lakitu from moving_object. Goals for the day:

  • Complete the moving_object and make sure the mushroom and coin would fall.
  • Update game logic when the collision happens.
  • Complete the lakitu and make sure it will move right and left in a random speed on the sky.

Day 3: Build out the Mario object and connect to the Board object. Goals for the day:

  • Complete the mario module (constructor, update functions)
  • Render a square grid to the Canvas.
  • Make sure Mario can move left, right, and jump.

Day 4: Install the controls for the user to interact with the game. Style the frontend, making it polished and professional. Goals for the day:

  • Create controls for game speed, stop, start, reset, and shape type
  • Have a styled Canvas, nice looking controls and title
  • Polish the game with better background images and CSS effects.

Bonus features

Some anticipated updates are:

  • Different type of gifts such as a superstar for Mario immune from the poison mushrooms.
  • A normal mushroom for Mario to grow up and collect more coins.
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