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import requests
import re
from pathlib import Path
from urllib.parse import urlencode, quote_plus
class WhidEngine(object):
# NOTE: check if the panel is reachable
def __init__(self, panel):
if not "ESPloit" in requests.get(panel, timeout=1).text:
print("\033[91mError 404, are you connected on the right AP?")
except Exception as e:
print (e)
print("\033[91mError, couldn't reach the Wifi Portal !\033[0m")
# NOTE: this update use the last firmware on Github
# You may need to build a new one with your keyboard mapping
def update_firmware(self):
update = ""
update = requests.get(update).text
regex = re.compile("exploit.*\.bin")
last = "" + regex.findall(update)[0]
name = "firmware/"+"-".join(last.split('/')[-2:])
download = Path(name)
if not download.exists():
print("Downloading the last release: %s" % last)
r = requests.get(last, stream=True)
if r.status_code == 200:
with open(name, 'wb') as f:
for chunk in r:
# NOTE: send the payload to the /runlivepayload page
def send_payload(self, user_converted, panel):
payloads = { "livepayload":user_converted, "livepayloadpresent":1}
encoded = urlencode( payloads, quote_via=quote_plus)
print('Sending payload to %s' % panel)
if not "200" in str(, data=encoded)):
print("\033[91mError 404, are you connected on the right AP?")
except Exception as e:
print("\033[91mError, couldn't reach the Wifi Portal !")
# NOTE : mapping is use for retro-compatibility
def convert_to_keymap(self, user_input, payload, mapping=False):
if mapping:
# Dirty version, if you don't want to upgrade the firmware
fr_mapping = './mazqwAZQW&é"\'(-è_çà)^$Mù,?;:!§1234567890'
en_mapping = '<>;qwazQWAZ1234567890-[]:\'mM,./?!@#$%^&*()'
user_converted = user_input.translate(str.maketrans(fr_mapping,en_mapping))
user_converted = user_input
# Merge the payload and the user input
user_converted = payload % user_converted
return user_converted