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App Builders Switzerland 2016

If you attended App Builders 2016, we would like to ask your opinion about it. To give us a feedback and say what we can improve next year, please open an issue and let's discuss.

Talks & Slides & Videos

25th April

Steve Scott: The Selfie Developer - Slides - Video

Vikram Kriplaney and Sebastian Vieira: Face-Off: iOS for Android Developers, Android for iOS Developers - Slides - Video

Daniel Steinberg: The Open World of Swift 3 - Slides - Video

Cesar Valiente: Refactoring Wunderlist for Android - Slides - Video

JP Simard: SourceKit and You - Slides - Video

Etienne Studer: Gradle and the Android Build Platform - Slides - Video

Chris Lüscher: iOS vs. Android: The Mobile OS Deathmatch - Slides - Video

Marin Todorov: Non-technical ways to be a better developer - Slides - Video

Hajan Selmani: Building cross platform mobile apps with Xamarin - Slides - Video

Lorica Claesson: Designing apps for Android - Slides - Video

Alexsander Akers: Making Accessibility a Priority - Slides - Video

Enrique López Mañas: Automating Android Development - Slides - Video

Junior B.: Asynchronous Programming with RxSwift - Slides - Video

Tal Heskia: How proximity technologies are revolutionising the mobile experience - Slides - Video

Julien Decot: The Mobile Ad Revolution - Slides - Video

Adrian Kosmaczewski: Being A Developer After 40 - Slides - Blog Post - Video

26th April

Kevin Goldsmith: Failures - Slides - Video

Nicolas Seriot: Error Handling - Slides - Video

Andreas Vourkos: Building Overlay SDKs - the two-minute integration challenge - Slides - Video

Anastasiia Voitova: Upgrading approaches to the secure mobile architectures - Slides - Blog Post - Video

Sergi Martínez: Realm or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my App Database - Slides - Video

John Sundell: Dynamic, native, backend-driven UIs - Slides - Video

Damian Mehers: When buzzwords collide: Combining Wearables and Virtual Reality on Android - Slides - Video

Orta Therox: Moving to OSS by Default - Slides - Video

Vitaly Friedman: Cutting-Edge Responsive Web Design - Slides - Video

Ivan Morgillo: Android Reactive Programming with RxJava - Slides - Video

Natasha Murashev: Practical Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift - Slides - Video

Sangsoo Nam: Application Architecture for Scaled Agile - Slides - Video

Sally Shepard: Developing for Apple TV - Slides - Video

Preben Thorø: Simple Psychology as the Key to Better User Experience - Slides - Video

Wei Wu: iOS Styleguides: Ensuring Visual Consistency and Modular Code - Slides - Video

Boris Bügling: Cross-platform Swift - Slides - Video

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