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Convert iTunes playlists into MP3 CDs in one click — it works even with playlists containing songs not in MP3 format!

Select a music playlist from your iTunes library, then its songs will be automatically converted to MP3 format in the desired quality and burned to a CD. It works with most audio files in your iTunes library and does not require manipulating your iTunes library or playlists in any way.


  • Supports audio files in MP3, AAC, AIFF or WAV format.
  • Choose MP3 audio quality conversion from 64 Kbps to 256 Kbps or use variable bit rate encoding.
  • Converts multiple songs to MP3 format in parallel on Macs with multiple processor cores.
  • Creates hybrid ISO9660 / Joliet / HFS+ MP3 CDs compatible with all computer and car CD players.
  • Can burn multiple MP3 CDs for playlists too large to fit on a single one.
  • Burn all songs from a playlist or only selected ones.
  • Fully preserves the song order from the iTunes playlist.


  • A Mac with an optical drive capable of burning CDs (e.g. Apple SuperDrive) is required.
  • DRM protected audio files (e.g. songs purchased on the iTunes Store before iTunes Plus was announced) cannot be converted to MP3 format.


MP3 CD Maker is copyright 2014 Pierre-Olivier Latour and available under GPL v3 license. See the LICENSE file in the project for more information.

IMPORTANT: MP3 CD Maker includes some other open-source projects and such projects remain under their own license.

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