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Open Source from the Swiss Post (formerly

Welcome to Swiss Post on GitHub 📯

We are on our journey to the "Swiss Post of tomorrow". A dynamic country needs an equally dynamic postal service. We'll meet new needs and provide the necessary digital capabilities. And we believe in the power of open source by supporting, contributing and releasing software.

On top of our open source repositories hosted on GitHub, you might find these additional resources interesting:

💡 Check out the developer portal.
💼 Find exciting job openings.
🚀 Browse our API catalog on the API portal.
🌐 Explore our OpenData catalog.

You may also drop us an e-mail if you have further questions regarding our Open Source Program:


  1. design-system design-system Public

    The Swiss Post Design System pattern library for a consistent and accessible user experience across the web platform.

    SCSS 110 13

  2. silverback silverback Public

    Forked from BEagle1984/silverback

    Silverback is a simple but feature-rich message bus for .NET core (it currently supports Kafka, RabbitMQ and MQTT).

    C# 4

  3. apikana apikana Public

    Integrated tools for REST and Messaging API design - アピ

    JavaScript 20 18

  4. gateleen gateleen Public

    Gateleen is a RESTful middleware toolkit for building API gateways

    Java 76 38


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