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Magento modules and themes CLI/GUI downloader and installer
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Marketplace — is an extensible one-click modules and themes installer with command line and Magento backend interfaces. It allows to add unlimited number of custom software update channels and install modules and themes from any third-party vendor including official Magento Marketplace.

CLI Screenshot



composer require swissup/module-marketplace
bin/magento setup:upgrade


First, you need to get your access keys from the channel you'd like to use. When you get the keys, proceed to CLI-based or GUI-based section.

Command line interface

  1. Activate update channel and enter access keys:

    bin/magento marketplace:channel:enable
  2. Install the package(s) you need:

    # Download and enable module:
    bin/magento marketplace:package:require <package/name>
    # Run one-click installer (if module provides it):
    bin/magento marketplace:package:install <package/name>
  3. That's all. Check your store frontend now!

    Some modules requires additional configuration after installation. Please refer to the module documentation.

Magento backend interface

  1. Navigate to System > Tools > Marketplace page.

  2. Open Configuration panel, activate and add access keys to the channel you'd like to use.

  3. Search for the module you'd like to install, and press Install button.

  4. That's all. Check your store frontend now!

    Some modules requires additional configuration after installation. Please refer to the module documentation.

Extending Marketplace

Register your update channel

Custom update channels are registered via separate module with di.xml file instructions. See following examples:

Create one-click installer

One-click installer is registered with etc/marketplace/installer.xml file. See following examples:


Web Setup Wizard is not accessible

If you see 'Marketplace: Web Setup Wizard is not accessible' error in browser console, this means that System > Tools > Web Setup Wizard is not working correctly. (We use it to read logs while store is in maintenance mode.)

To fix this issue change Magento configuration as shown below:

  • General > Web > Base URLs (Secure):
    • Use Secure URLs on Storefront: Yes
    • Use Secure URLs in Admin: Yes
    • Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): Yes
    • Upgrade Insecure Requests: Yes


Can I install modules from the packagist?

Yes. But via CLI only.

Where do I get my identity keys?

Magento Marketplace customers

Get your public and private keys from page.

Swissuplabs, Firecheckout, and Argentotheme customers

Get identity key(s) and activate your store domain on the site(s) where you’ve purchased the product:

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