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A plugin for Yardoc that produces API documentation for Restful web services
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Yardoc RESTful Web Service Plugin

by VisFleet

A plugin for Yardoc that generates documentation for RESTful web services.


sudo gem install yardoc

Generating Docs

When using yardoc you ask it to use the "rest" template (the -t option). For example:

yardoc '*.rb' -t rest --title "Our App's API"

Writing Comments

In addition to starting your comment with the normal RDoc description. The following tags are provided:

  • @url url. Specifies the URL that the service is accessed from. This tag is compulsory, only classes and methods that include this in their comments are included

  • @argument [type] name description. Specifies an argument that is passed to the service. You can specify as many of these as required

  • @example_response example. An example of the response that is returned from the service

  • @response_field name description. Further specifies the fields that are returned within the response

For example:

# Retuns all samples, as XML, for the current user that match the given parameters.
# @url
# [GET] /samples/index.[format]?[arguments]
# @argument [String] format Only "xml" is support at this time.
# @argument [String] name The name of the sample
# @argument [String] reource The resource that sample belongs to
# @argument ["@assigned"|"@complete"|"!@complete"] search Return jobs that are assigned, complete, or
#   uncomplete.
# @example_response
#   <samples type="array">
#     <sample>
#       <id>961</id>
#       <name>My Sample</name>
#       <state>complete</state>
#       <last_unassigned_user_id type="integer"></last_unassigned_user_id>
#       <resource_id type="integer">127</resource_id>
#       <notes></notes>
#       <updated_at type="datetime">2010-03-09T20:43:29Z</updated_at>
#       <created_at type="datetime">2010-03-09T20:43:16Z</created_at>
#     </interval>
#   <intervals>
# @response_field id A unique ID identifying the Sample
# @response_field name The name of the sample
# @response_field state The current status of the Sample. Can be complete, uncomplete, etc.
# @response_field notes Any notes given for the sample
# @response_field updated_at The Date/Time (in ISO8601) that the Sample was last updated
# @response_field created_at The Date/Time (in ISO8601) that the Sample was created
def index


You can run the template locally over the included sample code by using the following rake tasks:

rake ex:clean
rake ex:generate
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