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Evolutionary Workplace

Evolwo is an experiment in self-modyfing code.

The goal is to build an evolwing workplace that makes experimenting with code, documents, graphics and new programming languages easier. It's additional purpose is to let me experiment with new libraries and coding techniques.

Coding techinques:

  1. Readme driven developmen
  2. Literate programming


  1. Redis
  2. Couch Db
  3. Backbone
  4. Underscore / various html5 shivs
  5. Websocets
  6. Mongrel2

Also will be used used:

  1. CoffeeScript
  2. Less
  3. normalize.css
  4. Sinatra


  1. http://tryruby.org/
  2. Termkit
  3. https://github.com/swistak/nirvana
  4. Ace Editor
  5. Context/Subtext
  6. Smalltalk
  7. Fish shell.