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Interpreter of Featherweight Java and Featherweight Generic Java
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Important Note

This was project for seminar about foundations of object-oriented languages. I don't intend to support this project in future, it's for only read-only and educational purposes.

FJ, FGJ Tools


  • FeatherweightJava.hs - FJ typechecker, evaluator and example from lecture
  • main_fgj.hs - main file, type erasure for FGJ and examples of pair and list
  • Utils.hs - few simple auxiliary functions
  • - this file


You will need haskell, I was using GHC 7.8.2. No external libraries are required. Compilation:

ghc --make main_fgj.hs


./main_fgj list  # (default)


./main_fgj pair


  • env - mapping from object names to objects
  • objects is a structure: { class (String), array of type_f (String), array of f (Object)} (we can also think about Objects like tuples)
  • mtype(C,m) is returning type of a function, based on global, immutable, Klass Table

Field Call:

            env => e -> o
  env => e.f[i] -> (o.type_f[i], o.f[i])


            env(x) = o
        env => x -> (o.class, o)

New Object:

                     forall.i. env => e[i] -> (t[i], o[i])
       o = { class = c, forall.i. f[i] = t[i], forall.i. type_f[i] = o[i]}
                         env => new C(e[0], e[1], ...) -> (C, o)

Type Cast:

             env => e -> (C,o)
             env => (D)e -> (D,o)

Method Call:

    env => f[i] -> (t[i], o[i])
    env, o[i] => mbody(e.class, m) -> (R, o')
    mtype(e.class, m) = A[] -> R
  env => e.m(f[0], f[1], ...) -> (R, o')
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