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  • Restored compatibility with C++11.
  • Added arm/thread_context.h, containing definitions for the ThreadContext structure.
  • Added new syscalls: svcGetDebugThreadContext, svcSetDebugThreadContext, svcGetThreadContext3.
  • Fixed signature of svcContinueDebugEvent, which changed in 3.0. The old signature is available as svcLegacyContinueDebugEvent.
  • Added threadDumpContext.
  • Added ipcCloneSession.
  • Added gfxAppendFence.
  • psm services: added psmGetChargerType.
  • pm:dmnt services: fixed for 5.0+.
  • nv services: added nvIoctl2 & handling for a separate cloned session, matching official software.
  • Nvidia ioctl wrappers: added nvioctlNvhostAsGpu_UnmapBuffer, nvioctlNvmap_Free, nvioctlChannel_KickoffPb
  • Further changes, fixes and improvements to the experimental Nvidia wrapper objects, which are used by the ported mesa/nouveau-based OpenGL stack.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

@fincs fincs released this Sep 9, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Added support for C11 threads, which are preemptively multitasked and load balanced across cores.
  • Added Event object, which wraps kernel revent/wevent handles with optional autoclear.
  • Changed CondVar interface to have the mutex be passed to condvarWait* instead of condvarInit, which is consistent with both the concept of a condition variable and with other common threading APIs.
  • Added armGetSystemTick (which supersedes svcGetSystemTick), and armGetSystemTickFreq.
  • Added rwlockInit.
  • Added kernelAbove600.
  • Added system calls: svcGetThreadCoreMask, svcSetThreadCoreMask.
  • Added MOD0 header to binaries compiled with libnx.
  • Fixed semaphoreTryWait.
  • Fixed a memory leak in tmemCreate.


  • Added bpc service (used for rebooting and shutting down the console).
  • Added psm service (needed to get the battery status).
  • Added ns commands: nsListApplicationRecord, nsListApplicationContentMetaStatus.
  • Minor enhancements to applet service:
    • Added missing AppletType_SystemApplet initialization in applet code.
    • Added appletBeginBlockingHomeButton and appletEndBlockingHomeButton.
  • The Event object is now used to return system events from service wrappers when possible, also providing the correct autoclear mode.
  • Corrected fsOpenFileSystem and fsOpenFileSystemWithId.
  • Corrected a bug in hidInitializeVibrationDevices.
  • Corrected a bug in socket error conversion.
  • Fixed nifm not initializing properly for < 3.0.0.
  • Service manager (sm) session now closes properly.
  • hid, irs, vi and nv services now acquire a reference to applet services.


  • Added audren:u service wrapper (presently requiring 3.0.0+, will be addressed in a future update).
  • Added AudioDriver wrapper around audren, providing a higher level interface that can be used to mix and play sounds.


  • Major rewrite and refactoring work in the gfx wrapper which brings reliability and usability improvements:
    • Removed GfxMode_TiledSingle mode due to it causing problems and potential (temporary) hardware damage.
    • The default transform behavior no longer vertically flips the framebuffer.
    • Removed gfxSetDrawFlip since it's no longer needed thanks to the change in the default transform behavior.
    • It is not necessary to call gfxWaitForVsync in most situations because gfxSwapBuffers already implicitly synchronizes with the display (this is mandated by the Android surface compositor and buffer producer system).
    • Dequeue fatal errors should be solved.
    • Simplified and streamlined logic.
    • nvgfx stripped down to the minimum that is actually necessary to allocate framebuffers.
    • Binder logic now more closely matches both Android code and official software.
    • Proper fence and event wait code is now used.
  • Console code no longer performs a forced flush/swap/vblank wait when printing a newline due to performance reasons. Users of the console device must make sure that gfxFlushBuffers and gfxSwapBuffers are periodically called, preferably in the main loop of the application.
  • Added experimental wrapper objects for the Nvidia driver, needed in order to use the GPU. These wrappers are still in RE phase and will be subject to change in a future release.
  • Major redesign of the VI service wrapper that allows future users to use VI directly to create a display layer.
  • Binder services & buffer producer wrappers were enhanced and redesigned.
    • Binder now holds less state and always uses the VI binder relay service session.
    • Added Module_LibnxBinder error codes.
    • IGraphicBufferProducer binder service wrappers now have the bq prefix and explicitly accept a Binder object.
    • Added bqCancelBuffer.
    • bqGraphicBufferInit was renamed to bqSetPreallocatedBuffer.
  • Enhancements and additions to nvidia ioctl wrappers.
  • Added definitions for some more Android enumerations.


  • The ALIGN macro was removed in favor of the C11/C++11 alignas attribute.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

@fincs fincs released this Jul 29, 2018 · 116 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed critical IPC bug in fatalWithType that rendered the type parameter ignored (necessary for error report creation prevention).

@fincs fincs released this Jul 28, 2018 · 118 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Fixed regression in cwd handling.
  • Added fs commands: fsOpenBisStorage, fsOpenBisFilesystem, fsOpenFileSystem(WithId), fsStorageWrite/Flush/GetSize/SetSize, fsFsCleanDirectoryRecursively.
  • Added ncm commands: ncmContentMetaDatabaseList/DisableForcibly, ncmContentStorageXYZ family of functions.
  • HID service now works in sysmodules.
  • Fixed errors in ncmContentMetaDatabaseListApplication and ncmContentMetaDatabaseSet/Get.
  • Fixed data races in kernel version detection functions.
  • Fixed return-from-main to honor atexit handlers.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

@fincs fincs released this Jul 8, 2018 · 133 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed critical bug in mutexUnlock.
  • Expanded support for standard time functions, including gettimeofday, clock functions and nanosleep.
  • Added Semaphore synchronization primitive.
  • Added system calls: svcGetDebugThreadParam, svcGetThreadList.
  • Improved IpcParsedCommand support for domain message information.


  • fatalSimple no longer creates an error report that gets uploaded to Nintendo's servers - also added fatalWithType.
  • Added ncm service.
  • Added nifm service.
  • Added ns:dev service.
  • Added ns:vm service.
  • Added account commands: accountGetUserCount, accountListAllUsers.
  • Added ns commands: nsGetTotalSpaceSize, nsGetFreeSpaceSize.
  • Added pm:shell commands: pmshellTerminateProcessByTitleId.
  • Added set:sys commands: setsysGetFlag, setsysSetFlag, setsysGetSettingsItemValueSize, setsysGetSettingsItemValue, setsysGetColorSetId, setsysSetColorSetId.


  • Fixed errno - now properly translating Horizon BSD errno to newlib errno values.
  • Fixed bugs in inet_pton4, ioctl, socketDeserializeAddrInfo.
  • Fixed _IOC macro.
  • Fixed netdb.h by readding socklen_t definition.
  • Implemented gethostid and gethostname.


  • Added overridable userAppInit and userAppExit functions that add to instead of replacing __appInit and __appExit.
  • Now embedding GNU build id in compiled binaries, used by creport crash dumps (such as those generated by Atmosphère's creport implementation).
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

@fincs fincs released this May 21, 2018 · 162 commits to master since this release

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Version 1.2.1

  • Added hidMergeSingleJoyAsDualJoy.
  • Added setGetSerialNumber.
  • Renamed the JIT syscalls to match their official names.
  • Fixed bug in nvgfxEventWait that prevented the graphics subsystem from working on certain conditions.
  • Fixed JIT support on 5.0.0+ by falling back on JitType_CodeMemory.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

@fincs fincs released this May 16, 2018 · 171 commits to master since this release

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  • Revise fsdev initialization
    • Removed fsdevInit/Exit
    • Now automatically initializing fsdev state on first mount
    • Added fsdevMountSdmc (replaces fsdevInit)
    • Added fsdevUnmountAll (replaces fsdevExit)
  • Add FS commands for SD card state change detection.
  • Added mounting for SystemSaveData.
  • Use Service for all fs sessions. This fixes an issue with savedata commit.
  • Implemented FsSaveDataIterator (aka ISaveDataInfoReader).
  • Changed ContentStorageId in FsSave to SaveDataType.
  • Added FsStorageId.
  • Added enums FsSaveDataSpaceId and FsSaveDataType.

hid updates

  • Added hidGetHandheldMode().
  • Added hidSetNpadJoyAssignmentModeSingleByDefault()
  • hidSetNpadJoyAssignmentModeDual().
  • Check serviceIsActive() in hidExit().
  • Use hidSetNpadJoyAssignmentModeDual() for all controllers during hidInitialize()/hidExit().
  • Full hid vibration support for pre-4.0.0 hid commands.


  • add support for finding nxlink host
  • improve bsdSockets support
  • added nxlink stdio redirection
  • Fix IN6_IS_ADDR macros in netinet/in.h (#68)


  • Added support for Services: fsp-ldr, fsp-pr, lr, csrng, spl, pm:info, sm:m, pl, ns, all Loader services.
  • IPC: Improve information available in IpcParsedCommand
  • Added system calls: svcCreatePort, svcConnectToPort, svcUnmapProcessMemory, svcGetSystemInfo, svcSetThreadPriority, svcGetCurrentProcessorNumber, svcSignalEvent, svcSendSyncRequestWithUserBuffer, svcSendAsyncRequestWithUserBuffer, svcGetThreadId, svcReplyAndReceiveWithUserBuffer, svcCreateEvent, svcReadWriteRegister, svcCreateInterruptEvent, svcMapDeviceAddressSpaceByForce, svcTerminateProcess, svcMap/UnmapPhysicalMemory(Unsafe), svcSetUnsafeLimit, svcGetProcessInfo, svcGetResourceLimitLimitValue, svcGetResourceLimitCurrentValue, svcGetProcessInfo, svcCreateResourceLimit, svcSetResourceLimitLimitValue.
  • IPC improvements and fixes.
  • Added envGetLastLoadResult().

improve usbComms support

  • Allow using multiple interfaces.
  • Added usbComms Ex funcs.
  • Use RwLock.


  • Add rules for building .npdm, .nsp and .kip.
    • Now building .npdm from .json if specified
    • .pfs0 now embeds previously built npdm if available
    • .nsp accepted as an alternative file extension to .pfs0
    • .kip can be built from elf and json descriptor (subset of .npdm)
  • Added impl for accountProfile*. If the inital smGetService fails, attempt to use 'acc:u0'.
  • Added nsGetApplicationControlData. Imported nacp.h from nx-hbmenu with adjustments.
  • Add ipcAddSendSmart, ipcAddRecvSmart, use where applicable
  • Audio input implementation and audio output fixes.
  • add portlibs bin folder to path


  • Detect 5.0.0 properly.
  • Added pmshell init/exit and pmshellLaunchProcess.
  • Introduce atomics
    • atomicIncrement32
    • atomicDecrement32
    • atomicIncrement64
    • atomicDecrement64
  • Added nacpGetLanguageEntry and SetLanguage_Total.
  • [irs] Name image transfer config variables
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

@plutooo plutooo released this Mar 2, 2018 · 272 commits to master since this release

Assets 4


  • Fixed a race condition in HID causing sporadic incorrect key-releases when using hidKeysHeld().
  • Unix socket API is now supported.
  • Time support, currently only UTC.
  • Added hidMouseRead().
  • Added settings-services support.
  • Added gfxSetDrawFlip() and gfxConfigureTransform().
  • Proper (libnx-side) RomFS support. Initial fsStorage support / other fs(dev) changes.
  • The console font is now 16x16.
  • Fixed args parsing with quotes.
  • Various audio adjustments + added audoutWaitPlayFinish().
  • More irs (irsensor) support.
  • Added usleep().
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.