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@fincs fincs released this Jul 8, 2018 · 1371 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed critical bug in mutexUnlock.
  • Expanded support for standard time functions, including gettimeofday, clock functions and nanosleep.
  • Added Semaphore synchronization primitive.
  • Added system calls: svcGetDebugThreadParam, svcGetThreadList.
  • Improved IpcParsedCommand support for domain message information.


  • fatalSimple no longer creates an error report that gets uploaded to Nintendo's servers - also added fatalWithType.
  • Added ncm service.
  • Added nifm service.
  • Added ns:dev service.
  • Added ns:vm service.
  • Added account commands: accountGetUserCount, accountListAllUsers.
  • Added ns commands: nsGetTotalSpaceSize, nsGetFreeSpaceSize.
  • Added pm:shell commands: pmshellTerminateProcessByTitleId.
  • Added set:sys commands: setsysGetFlag, setsysSetFlag, setsysGetSettingsItemValueSize, setsysGetSettingsItemValue, setsysGetColorSetId, setsysSetColorSetId.


  • Fixed errno - now properly translating Horizon BSD errno to newlib errno values.
  • Fixed bugs in inet_pton4, ioctl, socketDeserializeAddrInfo.
  • Fixed _IOC macro.
  • Fixed netdb.h by readding socklen_t definition.
  • Implemented gethostid and gethostname.


  • Added overridable userAppInit and userAppExit functions that add to instead of replacing __appInit and __appExit.
  • Now embedding GNU build id in compiled binaries, used by creport crash dumps (such as those generated by Atmosphère's creport implementation).
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.
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