@fincs fincs released this Jan 1, 2019 · 20 commits to master since this release

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  • Introduced multi-wait infrastructure, allowing for user mode synchronization primitives. Users are advised to stop using svcWaitSynchronization(Single) manually and move to the new wait API.
  • Added UEvent and UTimer user mode synchronization primitives.
  • Added full list of KernelError result codes, as well as a KERNELRESULT macro.
  • Added eventActive.
  • Added tmemCreateFromMemory.
  • Added syscall: svcTerminateDebugProcess.
  • Corrected syscalls: svcMapPhysicalMemory, svcUnmapPhysicalMemory.
  • Fixed bug in ipcParseDomainResponse.
  • Fixed bug in ipcPrepareHeaderForDomain.
  • Added serviceSendObject.


  • Major refactor and redesign of the entire libnx graphics stack.
    • Introduced NWindow (Native Window) API, allowing for direct management of a renderable surface. It is possible to create a NWindow out of a ViLayer (or other sources of an IGBP binder object); or use nwindowGetDefault to retrieve the default native window.
    • Introduced Framebuffer API (used for creating and managing a software rendered framebuffer on a NWindow).
    • Deprecated the old gfx API, scheduled for removal in the next libnx release. Users are advised to move to the new NWindow API (and Framebuffer if applicable). Please see switch-examples for more information on how to use this new API.
    • The default software rendered console backend now uses NWindow and Framebuffer instead of the old gfx API. Therefore, it is now mandatory to use consoleUpdate/consoleExit.
    • Optimized software console scrolling; now using 128-bit copies and RGB565 framebuffer format (which requires 50% less memory bandwidth).
    • Completely redesigned Nvidia ioctl wrapper objects, now more closely matching official logic.
    • Miscellaneous fixes in vi, parcel, IGBP, etc code.
  • Added vi commands: viSetContentVisibility, viGetDisplayLogicalResolution, viSetDisplayMagnification, viSetDisplayPowerState, viSetDisplayAlpha, viGetDisplayMinimumZ, viGetDisplayMaximumZ, viSetLayerSize, viSetLayerZ, viSetLayerPosition.
  • Improved ViScalingMode enum.


  • Introduced libapplet (library applet) launching support.
  • Added swkbd (software keyboard) libapplet wrapper.
  • Added applet commands: appletPopLaunchParameter, appletPushToGeneralChannel, appletSetTerminateResult, appletSetMediaPlaybackState.
  • Added account applet wrapper: accountGetPreselectedUser.
  • Added libappletRequestHomeMenu, libappletRequestJumpToSystemUpdate.
  • Added AppletStorage object.
  • Added AppletHolder object.
  • Added LibAppletArgs object.
  • Corrected and added missing AppletFocusState and AppletFocusHandlingMode enum values.
  • Now using domains for am services.


  • Added usb:hs service wrapper.
  • Now using domains for usb:ds.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and refactoring.

other services

  • Added fs command: fsIsExFatSupported.
  • Added hid command: hidAcquireNpadStyleSetUpdateEventHandle.
  • Added ldr:ro and ro:dmnt service wrappers.
  • Added ns:dev commands: nsdevLaunchProgram, nsdevGetShellEvent, nsdevGetShellEventInfo, nsdevTerminateApplication, nsdevPrepareLaunchProgramFromHost, nsdevLaunchApplication, nsdevLaunchApplicationWithStorageId, nsdevIsSystemMemoryResourceLimitBoosted, nsdevGetRunningApplicationProcessId, nsdevSetCurrentApplicationRightsEnvironmentCanBeActive.
  • Added pm:dmnt commands: pmdmntGetDebugProcesses, pmdmntDisableDebug.
  • Added pm:shell commands: pmshellTerminateProcessByProcessId, pmshellGetProcessEvent, pmshellGetProcessEventInfo, pmshellFinalizeDeadProcess, pmshellClearProcessExceptionOccurred, pmshellNotifyBootFinished, pmshellBoostSystemMemoryResourceLimit.
  • Renamed ldrDmntGetNsoInfos to ldrDmntGetModuleInfos.
  • Changed psm wrapper to dynamically open and close IPC sessions instead of leaving one open at all times. Introduced PsmSession object, used to manage this session.
  • Fixed IPC bug in splSetConfig.


  • Added sys/poll.h as an alias for poll.h.
  • Fixed compatibility with C99.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.