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@fincs fincs released this Mar 29, 2019 · 40 commits to master since this release


  • Introduced support for POSIX threads (pthreads) and C++ std::thread APIs, with the help of devkitA64 r13.
  • Introduced hosversion API, which replaces the old kernelAboveX functions for nearly all use cases. By default HOS version is sourced from set:sys during app startup if available. Make sure to call hosversionSet with appropriately sourced system version information if you are overriding __appInit.
  • Added support for TLS slots.
  • Homebrew now embeds the module name at the beginning of rodata. This allows Atmosphère to display the proper name of homebrew executable modules in crash reports and in other locations.
  • Added detectJitKernelPatch, detectIgnoreJitKernelPatch and detectKernelVersion.
  • Corrected definition of svcSleepThread.
  • Optimized implementation of the Barrier and RwLock synchronization primitives.


  • Added support for SwkbdInline.
  • Added support for the WifiWebAuth, Web, WebOffline, WebShare and WebLobby library applets. Please note that using some of these applets requires Atmosphère 0.8.6 or higher.
  • Added support for the Error library applet.
  • Added appletHolderActive, appletHolderCheckFinished and appletHolderRequestExit.
  • Added appletQueryApplicationPlayStatistics.
  • Added appletRequestLaunchApplication and appletRequestLaunchApplicationForQuest.
  • Added appletBeginToWatchShortHomeButtonMessage, appletEndToWatchShortHomeButtonMessage and appletHomeButtonReaderLockAccessorGetEvent.
  • Added appletGetMessage and appletProcessMessage. appletMainLoop is now a wrapper for these two.
  • Added libappletReadStorage and libappletPopOutData.
  • Added libappletCreateWriteStorage (previously it was an internal function).


  • Refactored romfs device to support multiple romfs mounts in a sane way.
  • Added fsOpenDataStorageByDataId.
  • Added romfsMountFromDataArchive.


  • Legacy deprecated gfx API has been removed.
  • Fixed bug that would return unusable default NWindow dimensions on 1.x.
  • Corrected mistakes in NvColorFormat enum.
  • Added vi commands: viGetIndirectLayerImageMap, viGetIndirectLayerImageRequiredMemoryInfo.
  • Fixed stray layer creation on 7.0.0+.


  • Introduced touchPosition::id to allow multi-touch support to be usable.
  • Added hidMouseMultiRead.
  • Added hidControllerIDToOfficial and hidControllerIDFromOfficial (previously they were internal functions).
  • Added hid:sys service wrappers.
  • Changed types for fields in MousePosition to s32.


  • Added wlan:inf service wrappers.
  • Added nifm commands: nifmIsWirelessCommunicationEnabled, nifmIsEthernetCommunicationEnabled, nifmIsAnyForegroundRequestAccepted, nifmPutToSleep, nifmWakeUp, nifmGetInternetConnectionStatus.
  • Added nifm:a/nifm:s command: nifmSetWirelessCommunicationEnabled.
  • Added nifmSetServiceType, which allows selecting the privilege level of the nifm service (nifm:u/nifm:s/nifm:a).
  • Fixed definition of struct ifreq's ifr_flags/ifr_flagshigh fields.
  • Fixed IPC bug in bsdRead.
  • Corrected nxlinkStdio to return the socket fd instead of zero on success, allowing for it to be closed later on.

other services

  • Added caps:sc/caps:su service wrappers.
  • Added nfp:user service wrappers.
  • Added lbl commands: lblSetCurrentBrightnessSetting, lblGetCurrentBrightnessSetting, lblEnableAutoBrightnessControl, lblDisableAutoBrightnessControl, lblIsAutoBrightnessControlEnabled.
  • Added pmdmntGetServiceSession for retrieving the pm:dmnt session.
  • Renamed usbDsEndpoint_StallCtrl to usbDsEndpoint_Stall.


  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.
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