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@fincs fincs released this May 1, 2019 · 20 commits to master since this release


  • Introduced hardware accelerated cryptography API, including support for:
    • Hardware accelerated AES-128/AES-192/AES-256 with single-block ECB and multi-block CBC/CTR/XTS modes
    • Hardware accelerated SHA-1/SHA-256
    • Hardware accelerated AES-128-CMAC/AES-192-CMAC/AES-256-CMAC
    • Hardware accelerated HMAC-SHA1/HMAC-SHA256
  • Added a custom MOD0 extension to make it easier to locate the got section.
  • Added syscall: svcQueryProcessMemory.
  • Improved smInitialize robustness during early system initialization in order to avoid race conditions when SM itself hasn't fully started up.
  • Fixed TLS slot issue on 8.0.0 - please recompile all your homebrew applications with this libnx release in order to fix crashes on 8.0.0.


  • Added support for VR mode, available on 6.0.0+:
    • Added appletIsVrModeEnabled (3.0.0+) and appletSetVrModeEnabled.
  • Added support for CPU boost, available on 7.0.0+:
    • Added appletSetCpuBoostMode and appletGetCurrentPerformanceConfiguration.
  • Added support for the light sensor, available on 3.0.0+:
    • appletGetCurrentIlluminance, appletGetCurrentIlluminanceEx (5.0.0+) and appletIsIlluminanceAvailable.
  • Added support for the pctlauth library applet.
  • Added libappletStart and libappletLaunch.
  • Updated swkbd support with new functionality present in 6.0.0+, and added accessor functions for the SwkbdConfig struct:
    • Added swkbdConfigSetType, swkbdConfigSetDicFlag, swkbdConfigSetKeySetDisableBitmask, swkbdConfigSetInitialCursorPos, swkbdConfigSetStringLenMax, swkbdConfigSetStringLenMaxExt, swkbdConfigSetPasswordFlag, swkbdConfigSetTextDrawType, swkbdConfigSetReturnButtonFlag, swkbdConfigSetBlurBackground and swkbdConfigSetTextGrouping.
    • Added swkbdInlineAppearEx, swkbdInlineSetCustomizedDictionaries and swkbdInlineUnsetCustomizedDictionaries.
    • Users are advised to use the new accessor functions and stop manipulating directly the contents of the SwkbdConfig struct.
  • Updated web support with new functionality present in 6.0.0+:
    • Added webConfigSetMediaAutoPlay, webConfigSetMediaPlayerSpeedControl, webConfigAddAlbumEntryAndMediaData, webConfigSetBootFooterButtonVisible, webConfigSetOverrideWebAudioVolume and webConfigSetOverrideMediaAudioVolume.


  • Added romfsMountFromFsdev.
  • Added fsdevTranslatePath.
  • Updated FsSave/FsSaveDataInfo structures.
  • Fixed leakage of 0x402 error codes (now they get converted to EEXIST).


  • Added support for the HOME-button notification LED, available on 7.0.0+:
    • Added NotificationLed struct for describing LED patterns.
    • Added hidsysSetNotificationLedPattern.
  • Added hidsysGetUniquePadsFromNpad and hidsysGetUniquePadIds.

other services

  • Added clkrst service wrappers.
  • Added pctl service wrappers.
  • Added ro:1 service wrappers.
  • Added ldr:ro command: ldrRoLoadNrrEx.
  • Improved pcv support for 8.0.0 changes:
    • Added PcvModuleId enum.
    • Added pcvGetModuleId for converting PcvModule to PcvModuleId.
    • Added checks to avoid calling pcv commands removed in 8.0.0 (use clkrst instead).
  • Fixed LoaderModuleInfo struct.
  • Fixed signature of roDmntGetModuleInfos and ldrDmntGetModuleInfos.
  • Fixed signature of splCryptoCryptAesCtr.
  • Removed apm:p service support in order to support 8.0.0.


  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.
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