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Build for the Nintendo Switch with ```make nx``` and for the PC with ```make pc```.
Running ```make``` builds for both systems.

The following [pacman packages]( are required to build:
The following [pacman packages]( are required to build for Switch:
- `switch-dev`
- `switch-freetype`
- `switch-libconfig`
- `switch-libjpeg-turbo`
- `switch-zlib`
- `zip` (on Windows)

For the PC build, `libminizip` is required (for the Switch build, the `switch-zlib` package includes this).
The following libraries are required to build for PC:
- `libfreetype`
- `libconfig`
- `libjpeg-turbo`
- `libminizip`

Building for Switch/PC requires `zip`.

Since C11 threads are used, building for the PC may fail if C11 threads are not available.

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