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OpenGL Examples

Necessary packages

These examples use OpenGL to render graphics with the GPU. In order to compile them, you need to install the necessary packages with the following command:

pacman -S switch-mesa switch-glad switch-glm

Note that on some systems, you may need to use dkp-pacman instead, and you may need to prefix the installation commands with sudo.


It is not possible to use the libnx console and the GPU at the same time. For this reason, debugging output must be redirected to nxlink. All examples contain code that sets up stdout to redirect to the nxlink socket, however by default it's disabled. In order to enable it, you can #define ENABLE_NXLINK at the top of the file, or alternatively modify the Makefile to add -DENABLE_NXLINK to the CFLAGS variable.

Additionally, mesa and nouveau are presently configured to support debugging output. Each example has a setMesaConfig function that controls debugging and shader optimization flags. Please refer to the source code of this function for more details.