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Drivers for Grove Sunlight Sensor based on SI1145
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SwitchDoc Labs October, 2016

Revised June 2018: Changed to Outdoor default gains. Adjusted VIS/IR in Lux values to roughly agree with sunlight

Original: Restructured for software distribution
Original: Library functions added for reading VIS/IR in Lux with Dark Offset applied

To setup: git clone cd Adafruit_Python_PureIO sudo python install



Python library for accessing the SI1145 temperature sensor on a Raspberry Pi.

Designed specifically to work with the Adafruit SI1145 sensors ---->

See examples of usage in the examples folder.

Please support Adafruit (though I have no connection to them) and open-source hardware by purchasing products from Adafruit!

Written by Joe Gutting. MIT license, all text above must be included in any redistribution.

Credit to Adafruit for their Arduino SI1145 library as well as their Adafruit GPIO I2C library. Also to Tony Dicola for his BMP python library which I used as a template.

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