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SDL_Pi_AirQualitySensor Initial Release Version 006 Feb 2, 2017

Smart Plant Pi Raspberry Pi Software


SwitchDoc Labs July 2017

all SmartPlantPi Documentation on

March 20, 2018: Release Version 021
Minor update for "No Handlers could be found...." error. Modified to use

January 8, 2018: Release Version 020
Reduced Status Traffic to PubNub and reduced data updates to every 60 seconds

January 8, 2018: Release Version 019
Support for Alexa

January 5, 2018: Release Version 018
Fixed problems with new Release of RPi OS Stretch

December 5, 2017: Release Version 017
Fixed directory names in - thanks Faltek!

November 22, 2017: Release Version 017
Read for version class reinstall of Adafruit_Python_GPIO

November 17, 2017: Release Version 017
Fixed input name clash from OS Update

July 24, 2017: Release Version 016
Fixed DEBUG related issues in interpretRotary and interpretButton

July 20, 2017: Release Version 015
Frozen Update State Moisture Detection (Water) Lock up fixed

July 20, 2017: Release Version 014
UV Index Typo and JSON update for

June 26, 2017: Release Version 013
Accuracy Problem with the HDC1080 Temperature and Humidity Fixed

May 27, 2017: Fixed Typo in - Thanks Daniels!

April 17, 2017: Release Version 012
Modified code (backwardly compatible) to install Grove PowerSave to make Moisture Sensor more reliable and longer lasting

March 26, 2017: Release Version 011
Added Lightning_Mode configuration variable to allow execution

March 21, 2017: Release Version 010
Added SunAirPlus configuration variable to allow execution

March 17, 2017: Release Version 009
Added Alexa configuration variable to block out writing json file

February 24, 2017: Release Version 008
Added code for Moisture Sensor Fault detection and blocking watering in the case of a fault

February 2, 2017: Release Version 007
Removed Debug lines

February 2, 2017: Initial Release Version 006

basic install instructions for supporting libraries

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo apt-get install build-essential python-pip python-dev python-smbus git
git clone
cd Adafruit_Python_GPIO
sudo python install

Make sure you installed I2C as in this link:

#Installing apscheduler and pil

sudo apt-get install python-pip

sudo apt-get install python-pil

sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools pip

sudo pip install setuptools --upgrade
sudo pip install apscheduler

#Installing PubNub

sudo pip install 'pubnub>=4.0.5'

Note: contains constants for running SmartPlantPi (Alarms, etc.) that you may want to change contains constants for hook up and other things you may want to change.