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Contributing to Switchmode

Feedback and contributions are very welcome.

Software People

Have a look at the most recent release. You'll probably prefer the Markdown copy, or the link to

I'm dead serious. The form was written in a plain style, designed to be as transparent and approachable to non-lawyer folk as possible. You should understand whatever form contract you use, even as you rely on a professional to help negotiate and make changes to accommodate specific clients and projects.

Feel free to open issues or send pull requests. Just be sure to mind the warning about confidential information in Do not send confidential information to contributors privately, by e-mail or otherwise. That doesn't make it much better.

Wishlist from software people:

  • What isn't clear? Anything sound too lawyerly?

  • If you've done open source development on contract, or especially mixed open-closed work, how does this form fit your practice?

  • Does the difference in terms for "open projects" and "closed projects" make sense in light of your experience? Do you think those different terms track clients' expectations?

  • What important terms from your own form are missing in this one?

  • Have your company's lawyers take a look and provide feedback. They can submit anonymously, via e-mail, if they're so inclined.


Have a look at the most recent release. You can download a Word or PDF copy if that's how you prefer to work.

If you use GitHub, feel free to open issues or send pull requests. You can also send me e-mail directly, especially if you prefer to collaborate privately. I will honor your preference.

Wishlist from lawyer-folk:

  • What are your thoughts on scope and substantive coverage? Anything missing?

  • Any thoughts from in-house counsel who hire open source developers, either for open source or proprietary work, in particular? Would you approve this for signature with the right contractor?

  • Does the "Separate Apache License" concept make sense?

  • Any show-stopping issues in the Open Release process?

  • Any show-stopping issues in the role and function of the Technical Representative?

  • Any thoughts on the confidentiality terms, especially the carve-out for interaction with developers of open source software relevant to projects?



The public license has a condition requiring licensing of contributions to the public on the same terms, plus a license to me personally, to relicense in the future. All the same, please expect that I may ask for a message or other written note acknowledging the license and making contributions available on its terms.

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