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ciment is a library for generating comment-String rapidly. Include javascript, CSS and HTML commnets manipulation.

// In nodejs
var comment = require('ciment');

// Comment module methods
comment.single('hello world'); // result: "// hello world"
comment.block('hello world'); // result: "/* hello world */"

// Prototype module methods
'hello world'.single(); // result: "// hello world"
'hello world'.block(); // result: "/* hello world */"

'hello world'.block().decomment(); // result: "hello world"



For node with npm:

npm install ciment

And use with var ciment = require("ciment")


<script src="browser/ciment.script.js"></script>
  var ciment = window.ciment,
      commentStr = 'Hello world';

  commentStr = commentStr.title(); // '/*****  Hello world  *****/'
  commentStr = ciment.decomment(commentStr); // 'Hello world'

Use with CMD:

define(function (require,exports,module) {
  var ciment = require('ciment.cmd');
  var banner = 'Hello world\nI am ciment'.banner();


Base function


Remove the first wrapper comment form this string

Module function

comment.single("comment text");
//  comment text

Return a single line comment string

comment.block("comment text");
/*  comment text  */

Return a normal block comment string

comment.title("comment text");
/*****  comment text  *****/

Return a block comment string like comment title

comment.banner("comment text\nhello world");
*    comment text
*    hello world

Return a banner block comment string

comment.tag("<div>comment text</div>");
<!-- <div>comment text</div> -->

Return a html tag comment string

Prototype function

"comment text".single();
//  comment text
"comment text".block();
/*  comment text  */
"comment text".title();
/*****  comment text  *****/
"comment text".banner();
*    comment text
*    hello world
"<div>comment text</div>".tag();
<!-- <div>comment text</div> -->
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