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Derby change history

Racer provides the model and data synchronization for Derby. It's versions are updated along with Derby versions. See change history for Racer as well:


This release includes a great deal of work making components and templating more full featured and performant

  • Instead of macro template tags with triple curly braces, such as {{{items}}}, attributes passed to components are now accessed with an @ sign, such as {{@items}} or {@items}
  • <derby:view view="example"> syntax is now supported for including components with a variable name. This is equivalent to app:example, but the view attribute can vary based on context
  • Components can be passed an inherit attribute to default to the attributes from the parent
  • View#fn syntax has changed to support more arbitrary inputs and outputs. See the docs for more detail
  • Instead of view.dom, it is now app.view, app.dom, app.history, and app.model in the client
  • Add View#componentsByName
  • Bindings don't update during route execution for faster page renders
  • Initial support for bindings within inline SVG elements
  • Components have a 'destroy' event that gets invoked when they are no longer in the DOM
  • Components automatically cleanup listeners added via dom.addListener and model.on within a component
  • App#fn can be used to add controller methods to the app more easily across different files
  • App auto-reloading no longer uses Up, which didn't work well with polling. Reloading now uses cluster, though it is still somewhat buggy
  • App#enter and App#exit added, which get called upon entering or exiting a particular route pattern. Can be used intead of App#ready, which only gets called on the very first page load
  • Add Component#setup for more easy access to the library within a given components code. Useful for adding view functions pertaining to a particular component
  • App#Collection added for more convenient access to scoped models in controller functions and definition of collection specific methods. Demonstrated in the leaderboard code of the Sink example.
  • e.path(), e.get(), and now available for using template-style path names in controller code. Often more flexible and convenient than using
  • Many bug fixes


Mostly just bug fixes

  • Add Component#emitDelayable()
  • Fix options specification to be more consistent
  • Add staticMount option
  • Lots of bug fixes


The API for creating stores and sessions has changed in support of adding auth. Generating a new starter server via derby new is recommended

  • There is no longer an app.createStore() method, and the derby.createStore() method must be used in combination with the store.modelMiddleware(). There is now a req.getModel() method added by the modelMiddleware.
  • Bugs in bracketed path interpolation in templates have been fixed, and the syntax has been updated to work more like javascript property accessors. The syntax is now <h1>{users[_userId].name}</h1>
  • The component type is now passed as a second argument to init and create events instead of being available as a property of the component. Within the same library, the namespaces is now correctly sent as 'lib:'
  • Add log and path view helper functions for debugging
  • Support binding the same event to multiple space-separated function names in x-bind
  • Set the value of component macro attributes to true when no value is specified for more easy HTML boolean style flags
  • Fix a bug where using multiple apps would cause the page to reload continuously
  • Default project now requires Express beta 4, since beta 6 breaks Gzippo
  • Fix lots of other bugs


  • Emit 'render', 'render:{ns}', 'replace', and 'replace:{ns}' events on an app when the page is rendered client-side
  • Call x-bind functions with this set to the app or component object
  • Support prototype-like definition of component methods for more efficient creation of component instances
  • More careful delaying of component creation method calls instead of using setTimeout
  • Fix bug in lookup of templates from an inherited namespace
  • Fix bug when binding to a view helper function inside of an each and later updating array indicies
  • Fix bugs in component path binding lookup


  • Fix bugs with Browserify 1.13.0 and Express 3.0.0 beta 3
  • Fix bugs in components
  • Can pass JSON object literals to component attributes
  • Fix bug with Safari binding to comment markers


  • Set the 'this' context of the ready callback to the app
  • Add model and params as a property of Page objects passed to routes
  • Use chokidar instead of


  • Create a component librarary by default in the generated app
  • Fix Windows bugs. Windows should now work
  • Improvements to file watch reliability in development
  • Fix bugs parsing template files and comments


  • Make apps and components into event emitters
  • Fix bugs with creating components
  • Emit 'create:child', 'create:descendant', 'create:{name}' events for components
  • Support passing function names to x-bind via macro template tags
  • Fix lots of bugs in components


  • Start to implement components that have associated script files
  • Refactoring


  • Fix bug introduced in 0.3.4


  • Bug fixes with macro tags


  • Convert to JS
  • Refactor into separate npm modules for routing (tracks), HTML utilities (html-util), and DOM fixes (dom-shim)