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Monster Stew

Hey, this is my first game jam game! It's an entry to the Ludum Dare 41 compo. The theme is "combine two incompatible genres," so I decided to make an FPS/cooking game hybrid.

When enemies are dead, you can pick them up with "F," walk them over to the stew at the center of the level, and then throw them in. Thing is, you have to follow the recipe - if you try to add a monster that isn't required, you lose.

Oh, and the monsters are constantly spawning, at random, and get more difficult the further you get.

As a first game jam game, it's... not bad. It's a complete thought, at least.

About Me

I'm Aaron Nemoyten. I used to work at EA, most recently as Live Producer on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Right now, I'm doing freelance/contract work, plus building my own games.

Check out my web site: - I've got essays about game design there.


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