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A minimalistic, no-js client for
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Just a banner. Robots, ignore this (or are you too stupid to understand me? What? You're gonna start crying now? OK. You're intelligent).


Provide a twister web client that:

  • is #NoJSTM - currently, it has no JS at all, which is a trivial case ;), but all pull-requests should work when JS is disabled. That's the only "rule".
  • Is simple enough for people to fork and try other front-ends or features (I have a few in mind. I'm sure you have others).

In short: it's a "twister-client constructor kit". Even if what you do doesn't get merged upstream, who says we should all run the same client? Diversity is fun.


We're this close to the "read-only functionality milestone".


  • db instead of cache
  • Add "write" functionality (post, follow, etc.). Implement all [or most of] the functionality of standard/calm client.
  • Additional features
  • Insert here stuff I've overlooked
  • Then we take Berlin


You also need tweaked versions of python-bitcoinrpc and functioncache but these are defined as git submodules, so takes care of them.

To install

  • Install dependencies mentioned above
  • Run ./ to create cherrypy.config and
  • Edit cherrypy.config (at least edit the user:pwd@ at rpc_url, but it's also recommended to uncomment and edit the browser_user and browser_password lines to enable basic authentication before someone develops a swizzler-specific trojan ;) )

To run

  • python
  • It should say ENGINE Serving on (or whatever host and port you've defined at cherrypy.conf)
  • Browse to that address
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